Catherine Johnson: London

Security Check: Catherine Johnson is the Senior Investment Advisor for UKTI, helping US and Canadian companies set up shop in the UK. Prior to that, she worked at London & Partners, focused specifically on bringing business to London.

What’s your historical London and New York connection?
I was born and raised in NY by two British parents, which meant that growing up I also spent a lot of time in the UK. During University, I also spent 6 months studying at UCL. I knew that once I graduated I wanted to come back to London to live and work full time. Luckily, I ended up working for London & Partners in New York and two years later I made the move. I thought it might be for a year or so, and four years later I’m still here!

Describe your experience in London as a New Yorker.
Even though I’ve been in London for 4 years now, I still feel very much a New Yorker. It’s not that hard with regular trips back to the US and the continual influx of US stores, restaurants and trends – I’d like to thank my job partially for that!

How can New York and London better engage with each other?
London and New York are very similar cities – each with a great buzz and interesting neighborhoods. I’d love it if my friends and family were able to experience both as much as I have – more flexible immigration policies would be ideal!

Favorite NYC secret spot: There are a lot of great places in Alphabet City, in the East Village – one of my favorites is The Blind Barber on 10th. Once you’re past the barbershop facade, there’s a hidden bar in the back!

Favorite London secret spot: I love walking along the Regent’s Canal on warm sunny weekends. It’s great to stop at the Towpath Cafe for breakfast and then continue along to Broadway Market.

If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be and why? London and NYC – would love to split my time 50/50!

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